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Due to Covid-19 I always wear a mask when visiting pets inside peoples homes.  I take all possible possible precautions, I wash my hands before leaving to visit your pets, wash my hands as soon as I get to your home and before I leave.  I wipe down surfaces with antibacterial wipes before leaving...  I also appreciate honestly and ask that my clients inform me if they or anyone in their household has Covid or has been recently exposed.  I will also be honest and open with you.  I have had my first vaccine and look forward to getting the second shot soon.  

Stay healthy and happy!  

Thank You, Debbie

Have another type of pet? Feel free to ask Debbie if she's up for the challenge! She's taken care of bunnies, hamsters, donkeys, rats, lizards, fish and birds...

Debbie has LOTS of experience with and LOVES cats, in fact, she has 4 of her own and has had cats all her life. Debbie has done volunteer work with cats for several organizations including Ella's Cat House / Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch, Napa Humane, The Napa Animal Shelter and Whiskers Tails and Ferals. Debbie primarily sits for cats, but loves and cares for other animals as well.

Debbie loves dogs too and even has one of her own.  She has a number of wonderful dogs as clients as well!

The Cats Meow Napa  - Purr-fect Pet Sitting

And other animals too!

Debbie visits your pets in their own home, where they are most comfortable

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I have completed Reiki I (Basic) Training with Kathleen Prasad from Animal Reiki Source. It is my intention to pursue this and complete Reiki II and III in the next year or so. If you are interested in this wonderful practice please ask me, or go to The Animal Reiki Source