"I have been a client of Debbie's for at least the past 3 years. She takes care of my 5, (yes 5!) cats whenever my husband and I travel. I can whole heartedly recommend her services. She does all the usual things like ensuring they have food and water and a clean litter box, but it is her sincere love of animals and compassion that makes the difference to me. Two of my cats are Persians and can be high maintenance. Debbie does an amazing job of keeping their faces clean so they can breath easily, and she takes car of the occasional cleaning of their behinds when needed. I have gone through several per sitters, but until I found Debbie, I was always nervous about what condition I may find my cats in upon my return.  Debbie emails me with pictures of each kitty from every visit, so I can see for myself that they are ok, and she lets me know immediately if there is a change in their health that I should know about."  - Shelley​

The Cat’s Meow Napa’s primary focus is to provide lots of loving care and attention to your pet or pets in their own environment where they are most comfortable.  I’ll take care of them as if they were my own.   I will strive to ensure peace of mind to people who love their pet’s and want the best care for them while they are away from home.

Debbie was indispensable

“Debbie was indispensable in caring for our kitty, Sushi, in the last year or so of her life.  She had been diagnosed with lymphoma and had a twice-daily regimen of pills and a prescription diet.  The only way we could leave town regularly was to have Debbie, because she provided the same level of care that we would have given her.  Sushi seldom warmed up to even our family and friends, but licked Debbie’s hand on the very first visit…and more than willingly accepted her attentions on all future visits: blankie tucking, bed warming, and pill pocket “treats”.  Debbie did it all!  Always flexible and caring, we are so grateful that we found Debbie!” – Jon & Liz ​



Mission Statement

The Cats Meow Napa  

Debbie Ames

A Little History

The Cat's Meow Napa has been in business since December 2009, though Debbie has had and taken care of animals all her life.  She started the business after the airline she worked for went out of business.

After traveling for a career and struggling to find good pet care for her beloved cat, she realized there was a need.  People though they may have to or love to travel, find it difficult to leave their cherished pets. It's important for them to know their furry family is being left in the best hands possible, with someone responsible who will love them and take care of them as if they were thier own. That person is Debbie.

Debbie is insured and bonded, belongs to Pet Sitters International and can provide references if requested.

Debbie has done volunteer work for Napa Humane, The Napa Animal Shelter, Whiskers Tails and Ferals, and absolutely LOVES, animals.

Debbie is also a Wellness Advocate for doTerra and is learning about essential oil use for animals. She is a Photographer and Jewelry Designer and has work at Art Gallery Napa Valley and Chimney Rock Winery where she works part-time.  

Debbie currently has 4 cats of her own and a beloved senior dog. She only makes house calls as she can not bring other animals into her house. Debbie does not do overnights, she cares for her Mother with Alzheimers and can not commit to being away overnight.